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Adam Treloar is a well-known celebrity from Australia, so we look at Adam Treloar's personal and public facts, Wikipedia, organic, spouse, net assets and career editils on. Adam Treloar was born in 1993.

Birth name, nickname and job

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HoweverAdam Terrol

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Alter (2021)28 years
Place of birth
birth dateMarch 9, 1993
Sun signCapricorn
Home town
Eating habitsNot available

Adam Treloar was on March 9, 1993 in. The Adam age is 28 years in 2021 and his place of birth is.
He currently lives in and works as a athlete.
According to nationality, he is Australian and currently his food habits are vegetarian and not vegetarian.
He also reveres all gods and goddesses and also celebrates all festivals.
His hobby acts. He loves to play in films and shows.

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Product Dimensions, weight and body measurements

Adams sizeIs 181 cm tall and it looks great when he stands with his friends.
BeWeightIsAround 81 kg and he always exercises to maintain this. He loves to do exercises regularly and also ask others to do so.
AccordinglyAdam,You have to do sports regularly to stay fitBodyare currently not available, but we will update them very soon.

Height181 cm
In the meter: not available
In feet: not available
Weight81 kg
In pound: not available

Adam Treloar spouse, woman, personal life

parentNot available
FatherNot available
MutterNot available
BrotherNot available
SisterNot available
Marital statusNot available
wifeNot available
GirlfriendUpdate bald

Adam's father of the father is not available. We have no more information about Adam Father; we will try to collect information and update soon.
Adam's mother's name is not available. We no longer have any information about Adam Father; we will try to collect information and update soon.
In addition, we have no idea about his brother and sister, and we don't know their names either.
However, we strive to collect all information about Adam and will update you soon.
His girlfriend's name is not available. They come from a strong relationship earlier years. We have no information about Adam's girlfriend.
However, we are sure that Adam is not available and that his wife's name is not available. Now his relationship is perfect. We have no more information about his wife.
In addition, we have no information about his son and daughter. We cannot say her name. If you know some information, please comment below.

Adam TerrolPure assets

Adam Treloar's estimated net assets are $ 80,000 $ 85,000.

Monthly income/content (approx.)$ 80k - $ 85.000 USD
Net assets (approx.)$ 4 million up to $ 6 million

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

InstagramAdam Treloar Instagram -Profil
TwitterAdam Treloar official Twitter
FacebookNot available

Fast facts you need to know


He won a lot of football at Treloar's 2019 season.He ended the season with a total of 789 departures, in which he led the entire AFL in the home and away season and the final.454 for the season. Our season was highlighted in round 15 with 40 departures and 7 duels against North Melbourne.He achieved an average of 32.9 departures per game, played 24 games and interviewed 18 Brownlow Medal votes. He was awarded the Jock Mchashale Trophy for fourth place in Copeland Trophy Vote count 2019.


(Video) Man in the Iron Mask (1998) | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

Treloar had his best season in 2015, where he became the best and fairest second place behind Heath Shaw.However, his season was filled with speculation that he would leave the Giants to return to his home state. In September, he informed the club in September that he wanted to act and nominate Collingwood as his preferred destination.

Treloar officially entered Collingwood on October 21, 2015 for a six -year contract. At the end of the season, he won the R.T.Rush Trophy, who was second in Copeland Trophy Count, behind Skipper Scott Pendlebury.Treloar in 2017 a constant second season in the clubAnd played the Anzac medal in 21 games 2018.


Treloar played 20 games in 2013, an average of 24 departures per match and became fifth in the best and fairest county. He was next to the former Hawthorn Dermott Brereton next Mark Ricciuto and said he had the potential, "an absolute elite player inTo be midfield and with his ability to be the top 5 in the comp with his skills and with his wish, and with his desired and wish for the game.“His 2014 season was described as a“ brilliant ”, in which he achieved an average of 27.6 departures and 5.5 duels in 20 games and took fourth place in the best and fairest counts. He was one of the best young players in the leaguerecognized by selecting the wing in the AFPA 22der22 team.


Treloar was recruited as a selection under age by Greater Western Sydney before the 2010 AFL design and played with the Dandenong Stingrays and the Noble Park Football Club during his junior career.Blacktown International Sportspark.


Treloar player his junior football for Noble Park and later represented Victoria Country in the AFL under 18 championships in 2009 and won the MVP from Vic Country.-Afl academy was also represented by Vic Country in the AFL under 18-championships 2010. He was named on half of the year's 18-year-old team of the year and played alongside the future Greater Western Sydney teammate like Dylan Shiel, MatthewBuntine, Tomas Bugg, Taylor Adams and Jeremy Cameron.


Adam Treloar (born March 9, 1993) is a professional Australian rules that plays for the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL).Treloar won the Anzac medal in 2018 and the Neal Daniher Trophy in 2019. He received a nomination for the AFL Rising Star Award 2012 in round 18 of the 2012 season.

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